Print out from HTML/CSS

Development of layout engine for producing paper print-outs from HTML/CSS in tandem with CMS

UX consulting to make your task easier by streamlining web and print workflows

UX Consulting

Establishing truly usable systems integrating web and print

  • Understand your current workflow by detailed interviews
  • Identify and clarify points for improvement
  • Propose a new workflow based on integration of web and print workflow
  • Design an easy-to-use UI for data entry
  • Streamline materials/contents management
  • Improve efficiency in printing workflow in tandem with customer data

HTML/CSS Layout Engine


VersaType Converter is a software tool that bulk-converts HTML/CSS texts into PDF all at once. It runs on servers along with CMS and other systems.


VersaType Viewer is a web application that displays page layout in expected printed form on browsers.

VersaType LiveEditor is a web application that enables you to enter or edit texts on a browser while showing you what final page layout looks like.


Company Name

Trim-marks Inc.

ISHIDA Tomoyuki

914-6-301, Higashiasakawamachi, Hachioji

Tokyo, 193-0834, JAPAN

EAST Co., Ltd.